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Logotipos APLP UE


South Outer Sea Wall Naos Dock (Arrecife, Lanzarote)


Building Specifications

Description of the construction work

The construction works subject of this Project are necessary to build the “South Outer Sea Wall of the Naos Cruise Ship Dock”.   The dock designed is aligned NW/SE, perpendicular to the Naos Cruise Ship Dock and has a total length of 322 m from the beginning of the Naos Dock until the tip of the dock where the access to the Port of Arrecife begins.  This configuration provides the mouth of the port with a width of 432 m.

Along its length, the dock goes through natural sea-beds with increasing depth, starting at 5 m. and reaching 28 m. at the tip of it.  To adapt to that morphology, two different types of wharfs were projected: a sloped dock with concrete blocks for depths of 10-12 m. and a vertical dock with prefabricated concrete caissons for greater depths.  At the same time, the level of anchorage of the caissons will be adapted to the natural draughts to minimise the need to add quarried material to the support embankment.

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